3 FAQ About ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a type of therapy that strives to improve or change certain behaviors. Also known as behavioral engineering, ABA therapy is commonly used to help those who are on the autism spectrum disorder. Common behaviors associated with autism include difficulty with social interactions, doing or saying the same thing repeatedly, and having obsessive interests. If you would like to know more, here are the answers to 3 frequently asked questions about ABA therapy.

How Alcohol Addiction Rehab Therapy Can Help

Some people believe alcohol is safer than other drugs. It's true that alcohol is a legal substance, but alcohol addiction can cause many physical, emotional, and social problems, just like other drugs. Alcohol addiction typically occurs when a person abuses alcohol over a long period of time. Eventually, their body develops a dependence on alcohol, and they experience withdrawal symptoms without it. These physical side effects will prompt them to continue drinking to avoid the painful experience of withdrawal.

Couples Counseling: Why It Matters Even When You're Going Through Divorce

You might think that when you're going through a divorce, you wouldn't want to attempt couples counseling. However, this type of counseling can be most beneficial during this stressful event in your life. Whether you and your future ex-spouse are on speaking terms and still living together or you are totally separated and living apart, you can benefit from couples counseling during this time. Couples therapy can make navigating the course of divorce easier, help communication be more effective, and offer closure during this type of hardship.

Stop Doubting Yourself — Is There Gaslighting In Your Romantic Relationship?

Gaslighting is a term you may have heard recently on social media regarding political arguments between users. Gaslighting is a term used to describe behavior that causes the person you are speaking with to doubt themselves. For example, a gaslighter will say something to instigate a defensive reaction from someone then act like the person was off their rocker for being so defensive, thus attempting to make the person doubt themselves. Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse.

3 Reasons To Give Marriage Counseling A Try Before Seeking A Divorce

When a couple is struggling in their marriage and cannot resolve the issues they have, they may go years living in a marriage where all they do is fight. At some point, a couple in this position might start considering divorce. While this may be the right route for you, it is a good idea to seek marriage counseling first, and here are three reasons to do this before heading off to a divorce lawyer.