Strategies For Helping Your Spouse Overcome Anxiety

When your spouse is suffering from an anxiety disorder, you may feel at a loss for how to help. Anxiety can have a profound affect upon the marital relationship, but you can take steps to supply strength to your marriage as your spouse works through the difficulties that anxiety can bring. Here are some things that you can do to keep your marriage strong as you help your spouse with anxiety problems.

5 Surprising Signs Of Bipolar Disorder

Physical signs and symptoms are common in most medical conditions. However, if you are suffering with an emotional disorder that affects your mental health, you may not display visible signs. Most people associate bipolar disorder with depression, but individuals with this condition are affected in other surprising ways. Considering 5.7 million Americans live with bipolar disorder, understanding the signs and symptoms of this condition is smart to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

When Your Child Is Diagnosed With Autism: Saving Your Marriage In The Face Of Adversity

As a Christian, you know that new babies are a true gift from the Lord. While every child is perfect in the eyes of God, some children are born with illnesses or conditions that require special care. If your child has been diagnosed with autism, it can put a lot of stress on your marriage. It's natural for many couples to have arguments while everyone adjusts. Before deciding to divorce, read through this article--it just may give you the info you need to fix things.

What Are The Practical Effects Of Seeking Drug Rehab?

If you're considering entering an inpatient drug rehab or recovery center -- or have already sought or received this treatment -- you may be wondering about the practical consequences for your everyday life. Will you lose your job? Once a rehab stay is on your record, will you be forever barred from purchasing life insurance? Read on for some (hopefully reassuring) information about how a drug rehab stay might affect your future.