5 Reasons Pornography Addiction Is Harmful To Teens

It may be common to brush off pornography viewing among teens as a normal teenage curiosity that is harmless. However, watching pornographic material often leads to an unhealthy addiction that may affect a teen's life for years to come. It is important to seek counseling for teens who are addicted to pornography to help them prevent ongoing problems related to pornography addiction.

(1) Pornography can affect natural sexual development

It is natural for teens to be curious about sex as they begin to explore relationships and start dating. Viewing pornography can affect a teen's views on what sex and relationships are like in real life. Developing a healthy view of sex and relationships can be disrupted by pornography addiction.

(2) Pornography can cause negative body images

Viewing pornography can give teens a distorted view of the average human body and may affect their self-esteem and self-confidence. Viewing males and females who appear to be in perfect shape and have flawless bodies can make teens feel as if they cannot measure up to the images they see on the screen. These distorted views can also affect what they expect future partners to look like, which can lead to them being critical when their future partner does not measure up to their expectations.

(3) Pornography can lead to reckless or violent behavior

Reckless sexual behavior is common in pornographic movies. Actors are not likely to practice safe sex to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Violent sex acts are also not uncommon in pornography and can lead to similar violent acts being acted out in real life.

(4) Pornography can lead to dependence on technology

Cell phones and tablets make it easy for teens to access pornography online. This can lead to an unhealthy addiction not only to pornography but also to technology. This addiction can cause teens to withdraw from interacting with others and can affect healthy relationships with friends and family.

(5) Pornography addiction can continue into adult life

Developing a pornography addiction in the teen years can carry over into adult life and have a detrimental effect on work and personal relationships. Failing to get counseling for addiction in the teen years can lead to a lot of heartaches and even legal issues in the future if the addiction leads to violent or illegal acts.

While sexual curiosity is normal and healthy in the teen years, viewing pornography is not. Even casual viewing of pornographic material can grow into unhealthy and dangerous pornography addiction. Seeking counseling for pornography addiction is vital and can help teens develop healthy sexual attitudes.

Contact a local pornography addiction counseling center to learn more.