How To Get Through A Dramatic Change In Your Life

Have you recently been through a divorce? Perhaps you have lost your job or you have experienced the death of a parent or somebody else that was very dear to you. No matter the reason that you are going through a hard time, here are some ideas that might help you to get through a dramatic change in your life.

The Little Things You Can Do - Think about the thing you enjoy most in life and give yourself the luxury of participating in them.

For example, did you used to love to paint, and you have stopped because of your busy life or for other reasons? Consider starting to paint again. Go out and buy the materials you need and choose a place to work, then allow yourself time each day to express yourself through your art.

Are you seeing other people enough? Being hurt might mean that you are staying home and keeping to yourself more than is good for you. Think about calling old friends or family members that you enjoy, and make it a point to see them on a regular basis.

Another idea is to go places, whether close to your home or out of town. Visit places like museums or art galleries, if you enjoy those. Or, plan a trip. Whether it's a four-day cruise or a ten-day trip to Europe, a change of scenery might work wonders for you as you go through your difficult days.

The Big Things You Can Do - Besides little steps that may bring you closer to feeling better, think about major things that could help, too.

Have you considered going to a therapist? A therapist who specializes in therapy for women will have the training and the experience to help you understand your feelings. In addition, the therapist may know just the right questions to ask you that will help you to open up and release the sadness or disappointment that you are feeling.

Think about joining a grief group that has a counselor as its head. Being with other people who are also going through a hard time might help you feel less alone.

Talk to your minister, your priest, or another ecclesiastic person that can help you. If he or she doesn't feel like he or she can help you enough, your ecclesiastic leader will be able to direct you to a therapist who can help.

Think about keeping a journal to see which things help you the most as you work things out to feel better.