Three Signs Your Teen May Be Addicted To Pornography

Pornography has become increasingly common in American culture, and while many people can consume it on occasion without concern, some do become addicted to pornography. This can be a problem even in teenagers, who may use their smartphones and tablets to watch nearly unlimited amounts of pornography on demand. Do you worry that your teen is addicted to pornography? Here are three signs that could indicate you are right.

Increasing Isolation

If your teen is watching porn a few times per week in the privacy of their own bedroom, this is probably within the realm of "normal." However, if you notice that your teen is regularly forgoing other activities, like sports, watching movies with the family, and spending time with friends, to retreat to the room, and -- you suspect -- watch porn, that could be a sign of addiction. When one become addicted to anything, including porn, that person often begins to pull away from the other things they used to love in order to dedicate more time to the addiction.

A preoccupation with all things sexual.

Do you notice your teen making sexual jokes increasingly often? Maybe they always choose movies with well-known sex scenes to watch, or perhaps you've seen them gazing inappropriately in public. While the occasional mishap of this type may be just a normal part of the teen years, a noticeable preoccupation with all things sexual could be an indicator of a deeper problem.

Continued pornography use after warnings.

Most teens are incredibly embarrassed when their parents catch them watching porn. They then go to greater lengths to hide the behavior, or they stop watching porn for a time because they're afraid of being caught again. If you catch your teen but they seemingly make no effort to stop or hide their habit, it could be because they are addicted and cannot stop.

If you notice any of the signs above, remember not to jump to conclusions too quickly. Though there are many teens who do suffer from pornography addiction, hormone levels are also fluctuating wildly during the teen years, leading to a high sex drive that may sometimes be mistaken for addition. The best way to know for sure whether or not your teen is addicted is to schedule an appointment with an addiction specialist. They can analyze your teen's behavior and assign them to the proper treatment, if needed. You can go to websites about pornography addiction to help you spot other problem signs.